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Anonymous wrote: "why is there no Jeannie mai from teens react on here??"

Ahem correction I think you mean, “why is there not a lot of Jeannie Mai from teens react on here??”

Aha my resolution this year will be to post at least two gifs per month because last year was unacceptable my goodness…



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Dear person reading this,

You made it through another year. You made it through the hard times and pain. You made it through all the times when you all you wanted to do was give up. You made it. You made it another year and I promise you can make it another year. I am SO proud of you.

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Anonymous wrote: "On Kids React to Gay Marriage, most of the kids supported marriage equality, and then there's Lucas. He's one of the youngest kids on the series, and he's a homophobic anti-gay 5 year old. I used to think he was adorable, now I think he's a little Anita Bryant wannabe. Why is it that the youngest kid on that episode is the big anti-gay homophobe?"

Okay so I’m sorry for replying soooo late ughghghgh I hate myself but I’ve been terribly busy with school and stuff ~

Anyway in regards to your question ~

Honestly I liked Lucas but I haven’t watched any of the more recent episodes (like I said I’ve been busy!!) but I don’t think that I need to watch it to reply so here goes lol:

Remember that kids are shaped by the way they are brought up.

Some kids are brought up to be free-spirited while others are brought up to be strictly obedient and limited.

My parents never enforced any ideal or thoughts on me when I was younger besides the typical do well in school and hang with the “good” kids (I was heavily influenced religiously though).

I consider myself to be pretty open-minded even though my parents aren’t as open-minded as I am.

They grew up in another country with different beliefs and a different culture and they still pass it on to me daily.

Now taking this into mind, you gotta think…Do you really think that a 5-year-old little boy would really just pop out of the womb with an anti-gay sign in his fist??

I work with little kids in one of my classes and the answer is easily “no”.

Little kids use what their parents teach them to carry out some of their daily activities.

One of the little boys I taught last year was adorable but he rarely used good mannerisms when asking for things and had to be reminded to show signs of appreciation, but another boy that I worked with would always say “thank you” every single time that I’d give him something (one time we were doing a puzzle that you had to cut out and he said “thank you” every single time I handed him a different piece).

The one with the good manners had parents that were genuinely nice and they constantly used good manners whenever they’d come to pick him up.

The other little boy had a complex family situation and his parents were nice (common courtesy) but they always allowed him to do whatever he wanted. They never forced him to thank people.

Anyways ~ What I’m basically trying to say is that Lucas was probably influenced by someone in his life whether it was his mom, dad, grandparent….who knows, but you can’t just hate him for that, the kid is only 5.

As people grow, their views on things change, what you like now, you may hate in a couple days, weeks, months, years…you never know.

He’s more likely reflecting the feelings of those he’s constantly around even if he doesn’t fully understand why (kinda like some of those kids that belong to the Westboro mess).

I love kids and I’m not a judgmental person, I think everyone has the right of speech even if it’s wrong, but my super short answer is that he’s just a little boy who probably doesn’t fully understand the situation yet, or why it isn’t really a big deal for two people of the same sex to be together.

(Sorry for the super long message…I get so sidetracked x[ )

Anonymous wrote: "Kostas has changed. He used to be really awesome, and funny, and different, and nice, but after he got popular on Teens React he became a real douchebag and it only got worse with Summer Break. This is all coming from someone who knows him personally."

I’m a bit late but here’s to the other anon ~

Thanks xx

Anonymous wrote: "Have you seen that video of Kostas on youtube about summer break? I thought he was so nice but then in this video he's like "yeah I'm a celebrity, every one knows me" and he was like making out with some girl and then he was like "the problem is everyone has a camera so I can get caught" He seemed to full of himself...."

I haven’t seen it and I don’t think that I probably will or want to…

I mean people change all the time plus he’s growing up with growing “fans”.

That may be his true personality but I don’t know him personally so I’m not going to judge anything lol better stay safe xx

I mean we can’t change anyone that’s not ourselves right? Better to just ignore if it bothers you doll ~

Anonymous wrote: "how do you get on teens react ? c:"

I am really not sure, sorry =(

I honestly don’t think that they’re taking any new teens at the moment, but a while ago they had castings for people who may had wanted to be on the show but that was like last year I think…

Maybe you’d have to wait for another opportunity like that and hope that you’re still in high school by the time it happens…

I know that they also do contests on their Facebook page with winners that get put on the show but I don’t know of any recent ones…

but first you’d have to live in the area which I’m pretty sure is somewhere in LA ~

Then you’d have to contact them somehow, they have a site:

Thefinebros.com so maybe you could contact them if you reallyy want to know ~

I feel so bad for not being helpful enough for you x( Sorry!!

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